Kristina Gutiene from our Operations team just hit a really big milestone at Retail inMotion – her ten-year anniversary with the company! As you know, Retail inMotion has grown a whole lot in the past several years and we have team members, like Kristina, who have been here to see us transform from a fiery start-up to the innovative industry leader that we are today.

We were thrilled to celebrate this achievement with Kristina a few weeks ago and caught up with her to learn more about her Retail inMotion journey (so far)!


Kristina, thanks a lot sitting down for an interview! Ten years is definitely a big milestone! Could you tell us a bit about your journey at Retail inMotion?

I joined Retail inMotion on the Accounts team in 2007.  I did that for three years and was looking to try something new. That’s when I moved over to the Products inMotion / Operations team. I’ve seen a lot of changes on the team since then as the company grew and took on new customers. One of the most interesting things I’ve worked on was giving vPack training at several bases in Germany — teaching our providers how to use the Vector software.


Sounds like a cool progression – in your Operations role, how have you seen your job change as the company has grown?

There is a lot more complexity now. We have more products that we’re dealing with and more warehouses to manage. The systems that we’re working with have also changed and improved over the years. I work mostly with vWMS and vOMS now to help manage the warehouse and supply chain logistics. My job is very different than when I started; the team is larger and we’re working with many more customers and providers.


From a workplace perspective, what has changed?

I would have to say that just about everything has changed! When I joined Retail inMotion, there was a team of about seven or eight people. Now, the Operations team has that many just by itself! I think one of the biggest changes is the office building. Retail inMotion was based in two different places before we moved offices to Hangar57. It’s really nice to be here now! It’s been fascinating to see the company growing and expanding — from a team of less than ten people to more than 180 and offices across the world today.


What’s been the most interesting / unexpected thing you’ve worked on during your time here?

There have been so many, and by now everything is normal to us! The interesting and unexpected is happening every day; it’s what we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Each and every client is different and we love the challenges they give us. There is no break for us on the Operations team. If problems arise during your holiday or day off or weekend, one of our members is on it and trying to solve the issues and trying to help the customer out. It’s an exciting role!


Thanks, Kristina! And congratulations on this milestone!