“Our team always has the customer in focus. When we work with airlines to roll out new product mixes or IT solutions, we make sure to provide training and support to their crew members. After all, they will be the ones using our IT software and selling the products to passengers. Recently, our customer Edelweiss hosted their third ever crew event to help their team better understand the products they sell onboard and how their crew commission scheme works.

The airline’s first crew event, held November 2015, had a turnout of around 45%. This time around, nearly 94% of the Edelweiss crew participated! Our team was there to support the event with presentations and information about products, handheld devices, and how their crew commission works.

Edelweiss is very supportive when it comes to hosting this semi-annual product and process showcase. We think events like this are also a great way to make sure that our customer’s crews are informed and engaged! We find that it benefits the airline by increasing both crew member satisfaction and overall onboard sales.

At 94%, the turnout from this event will definitely be hard to beat next time! However, we will be there at the next event and intend on making it even better and more interactive by creating more focused displays and better narratives for all of the crew members who choose to attend.

-Daniel Kuhlman, Key Account Manager Edelweiss”