Retail inMotion is the industry-leading onboard retail provider for the travel retail market. On our team, we have a huge variety of experts that cover every single segment of the onboard retail value chain. In our industry, passengers most commonly think of onboard retail as what happens inside an aircraft – you take a glance at an inflight magazine, make a selection and purchase something that suits your fancy. However, the process for our team starts way before all doors are “in flight”.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Retail inMotion has more than 150 employees that form a diverse mix of designers, IT developers, finance whizzes, operations managers, crew trainers, product specialists and more. Now, if we think back to the example above, that one moment of making an onboard purchase involves months of research and preparation for our team.

By the time you sit down on a flight, we’ve had our highly dedicated team of developers checking and double-checking the POS (point of sale) device that you’ll use to make your onboard purchase. Our product development and operations teams have spent months making sure that what’s offered on board will be to your liking. Our designers have painstakingly created an inflight magazine that will catch your eye. And, yes, we’ve even helped prepare your flight attendant to flawlessly facilitate the entire process.

But all of that is the present. At Retail inMotion, we’re also looking forward to the future! Our experts constantly monitor what’s happening in the industry. They think about how to increase ancillary revenues for airlines today and how the industry might evolve. What will an inflight purchase of tomorrow look like? Will passengers still be flipping through an inflight magazine to buy a Crumble & Co. cake with cash on board? Or will they be using a fully-integrated in-seat payment system or, perhaps, even paying directly via their mobile phone before an aircraft even begins loading? How can airlines stay ahead of the curve in preparation for a seismic industry shift that, let’s face it, shows no sign of slowing down?

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin a new series called The RiM Report on the onboard retail industry. Our experts will discuss their segment of our industry and share their perspective on where the aviation industry is and where it’s headed. We’ll be taking a look at market trends, discussing global and regional developments and predicting what aviation and travel retail will look like in the future.

So sit back, relax and let us do the work. We hope you enjoy the flight!