As HR Director, Stephanie takes the lead in preserving the startup culture of Retail inMotion, driving all necessary processes to create a high performance, commercial company whilst continually striving to create a really great place to work.


You could probably imagine that on a day-to-day basis I have a lot of conversations about Retail inMotion’s culture and work environment. For me, this is ideal – because it’s one of my favourite things to talk about, as my colleagues will tell you!! What is very interesting though is that it has also become a hot topic in the wider world. Every single person I interview has questions about the culture, leadership style and ethos of the company, so it’s great to have really concrete answers to these questions.

A key cornerstone in these conversations is discussing Retail inMotion’s “HR Ethos”. I know that the term is a bit unfamiliar to some, so before I dive into discussing it, I’d like to explain exactly what I mean by it. Actually, the term is pretty simple to explain – it’s the set of ideas and principles that we strive to bring to life every day at Retail inMotion. It’s the passion that defines and drives what our HR team does and why we do it.  We are by no means the finished article or the most perfect department, but we are a team that passionately shares a vision about what we can contribute and how we want people to feel when they step into their workday.

So, without further ado, I’d like to share those principles with you – the “HR Ethos” for Retail inMotion:

Quality Interactions

  • I personally believe respect and quality interactions can change everything. This is true in everything from an email style, Performance Reviews to how you are welcomed into Retail inMotion.

Name it!

If we can define it, we can do something about it – everything from culture and values to unhappiness and complacency. We do this through questioning everything! We have workshops and brainstorming sessions to create plans and solve problems. We take action fast and don’t believe in letting things fester.

Shine bright like a diamond – everyone is a diamond.

  • Our goal is to find, shine and allow our diamonds to sparkle so we can have a business that is innovative, exciting and a place where people love to go to and deeply contribute to every day at every level.

Find your purpose in RiM

  • We want to help every person who has lost their sparkle or can’t see it or define it yet. We do this through coaching, workshops, and much larger programs like the performance process. We want to show people how they can make a difference every day in every way, that they truly matter.


  • Enable amazing leaders to unleash amazing results through their people.

Create a movement

  • Spread the word, create a movement. Communicate these values relentlessly. Teach people how they can influence the Goliaths. Empower them by showing them how they can be the change that they want to see!

Put the RRRRRRR in HR! 🙂

  • Position HR into a genuinely people-focused, customer centric, performance enhancing, innovative department that enables the success of the business. Constantly self-audit that our purpose is authentic and laser focused.

In our HR team at Retail inMotion, we take these ideas and principles to heart every single day. It’s the foundation from which we make our decisions, design our employee programs and interact with our team members.

I am passionate about and would love to delve deeper into each of the above points… stay tuned!